Contact and Further Reading

For further information, see the Tamarin web page, repositories, mailing list, and the scientific papers describing its theory.

Tamarin Web Page

The official Tamarin web page is available at

Tamarin Repository

The official Tamarin repository is available at

Reporting a Bug

If you want to report a bug, please use the bug tracker interface at Before submitting, please check that your issue is not already known. Please submit a detailed and precise description of the issue, including a minimal example file that allows to reproduce the error.

Contributing and Developing Extensions

If you want to develop an extension, please fork your own repository and send us a pull request once your feature is stable. See for more details.

Tamarin Manual

The manual’s source can be found in You are invited to also contribute to this manual, just send us a pull request.

Tamarin Mailing list

There is a low-volume mailing-list used by the developers and users of Tamarin:

It can be used to get help from the community, and to contact the developers and experienced users.

Scientific Papers and Theory

The paper and theses documenting the theory are available at the Tamarin web page:


Tamarin was initially developed at the Institute of Information Security at ETH Zurich by Simon Meier and Benedikt Schmidt, working with David Basin and Cas Cremers.

Cedric Staub contributed to the graphical user interface.

Jannik Dreier and Ralf Sasse developed the extension to handle Observational Equivalence.

Other contributers to the code include: Katriel Cohn-Gordon, Kevin Milner, Dominik Schoop, Sam Scott, Jorden Whitefield, Ognjen Maric, and many others.

This manual was initially written by David Basin, Cas Cremers, Jannik Dreier, Sasa Radomirovic, Ralf Sasse, Lara Schmid, and Benedikt Schmidt. It includes part of a tutorial initially written by Simon Meier and Benedikt Schmidt.